The House Update for 2003


Well, we did a few projects around the house but for some reason I never did get around to updating the house page so I went around today with my new digital camera and got some pics of what we did in the last year.


When I last updated, we had painted the master bedroom and were awaiting the arrival of new bedroom furniture...

mbroom_bef.jpg (56553 bytes)    <----- Here's a "before" shot from when we first moved into the house to remind you how DIFFERENT this is. 

And now the final project!

  my dresser

the BIG bed - we're spoiled by the king size now!

  Rich's dresser

  the Entertainment Center


Next, in March we decided to redo the guest bathroom.  It started out as a simple painting project but ended up being almost a whole redo - paint, new granite countertop, new sink, new faucet, new shower curtain, and a new mirror over the counter.  We like how it turned out!  The project ended up taking a couple months since we had to wait for the countertop to arrive.

  this is a closeup shot of the granite.


Then, in mid-September while Rich was out of town on a trip for work I got inspired to paint the last bathroom (note: think the TLC network show called "while you were out"!).  It's the smallest and I got it done in just a couple days.  Only took him a couple days once he got home to discover what I'd done!  ;-) 

gbr1.jpg (73137 bytes)  The paint looks lavendar in this shot... it's not.  When I was painting the paint looked just like a melted Wendy's Frosty!

  This shot is a true one to the paint color.

  I stenciled fleur-de-lis's and another scrolly type thing on the walls in a country blue color.

A close-up of the stencils

gbr5.jpg (68010 bytes)  


And last, sometime in mid-summer I got inspired to scan some family photos and make a photo collection in the great room to go on the wall behind the couch between the speakers.  I think it turned out pretty good and I have one more big collage frame to work on here in 2003. 

Hopefully in 2003 we may get around to painting our office (HA!) and maybe the great room if we're REALLY adventurous!