***  January 6, 2001 ***

updated 2pm

Oops.  A little late but have lots of good pics to show for the last 3 weeks in the house!

Yes, more snow.  This was on Friday, Dec 29 and we just got a dusting out of this event.  3 days later we woke up to an inch of snow all over!

Look!  We've hung some stuff on the walls!  :-)

The dining room is now in a more organized state and about all of the china and crystal is unpacked and put away.  WHEW.

The mantle now that the Christmas stuff is off.

A good shot of the new birdfeeder.

The breakfast area now that we've got the tree down.

More stuff on the walls!

Rich's corner of the office is more organized.  We're not showing my corner yet (hehe).  ;-)

Shelby's happy that we didn't forget to move her chair.

January 5 - They painted the shutters!!! WHOHOOOO! They look really good too!

A closer look.

January 6 - Rich gets the surround sound speakers (say that 3 times fast) mounted in the great room.  See the little black spot above it to the right?  That's part of the fight that Rich and the wall had about the speaker wire.  It's okay - at least he got the wire snake unstuck from where it had been hanging for the last 5 days.  I forgot to get a pic of that.  Rats.

But the speakers look good and sound good!  Think we'll be watching "Top Gun" tonight! ;-)

The new barstools made it last night and look good!


And then, this afternoon we planted the first plants outside - these are 2 dwarf Alberta spruces.  Hopefully, the warmer weather will allow the builder to come back and plant the trees but he's going to just let us do the flower beds.