***  March 31, 2001 ***

updated 5pm

More work on the flower bed wall today!  Rich had gotten Lowes to deliver 2 pallets (about 250 blocks) last weekend.  Since the weather sort of cooperated (no rain but in the 50s), he got out and started work on it.  The front beds are the biggest we've got and will take a while!

He started on the end nearest the garage side of the house as this was the dry area.  The other side is still a bit wet from the previous rain.

And after about 4 hours of work he got about halfway done with the first bed.

You can see the rest of the blocks waiting for their turn to get placed...

And, here's one of the little spruces with LOTS of new green growth - he obviously likes being in this spot.

And his brother feels the same way!  :-)

This is the new patio furniture that we got last weekend.  Matches the stuff on the front porch. 

The blocks are also going to be used for the beds on the backside of the house but they are much smaller.

We gain an hour of daylight this week for our "after work" stuff and the weather folks are calling for some days to hit the mid 70s - that means that Ann might get inspired to go buy some plants! hehe....

Stay tuned for more blocking and plant adventures!