***  April 7, 2001 ***

updated 7:30pm

Lots of progress today! 

Rich totally finished the rock walls out front.  And, he mowed the yard.  And we planted all the rest of the plants in the front flower beds in between taking breaks, and running to Home Depot and Enchanted Forest.  :-)  But it looks really good.  Now, we just need the plant fairy to come sprinkle "grow dust" on them.  


The yard's looking good!  Gotta love sod.

The bed we finished all in one day!

The other flower bed.

I found a couple roses this morning and one of them is up by the corner where the gutter is.

Here's a closer shot of the rose - it's a Jackson & Perkins "Peace" which is one that I had at the house on Raspberry and it did so well that I wanted to get another one.  

This is the other rose that called my name while at Home Depot this morning - another J&P called "Orange Passion".  The blooms are quite fragrant and this gorgeous deep orangy-pinky color.  Haven't decided for sure where this one's going.  Probably out back though.

And, from Enchanted Forest we found some more Dwarf Alberta spruces (for the front) along with this "Florida" azalea (2nd from left above) and the 2 variegated privets (on either side of it above).  The other thing on the end is a better view of the green/yellow things from out front - a "Golden Euonymus" (really, I have the tag to spell it off of... hehe...).  


Sunday's adventures, if we can move, include more rock wall and more planting out back in the beds out there.

Stay tuned!