May 4, 2003

Here's some pics of the outside of the house now that Spring is here and we've got stuff blooming!

One of my hanging baskets, this one is on the back porch.

The little bed next to the back steps.  The hostas are looking good and I added a couple impatients.

Part of the other bed which is under the kitchen window.  Hostas, coleus, impatients, a florida azalea are in there.

Part 2 of that bed.

Part 3 of the bed as it turns the corner.  The honeysuckle right on the corner is happy! 

  The "D" bed.  Dogwoods are really growing now and the daylilies are getting ready to bloom!  And hopefully this fall I will add Daffodils for spring color.

The "P" bed (aka the perennials).  Note the new fence to the side of the yard that our neighbors put in and the new house going in to the back of us. 

  Residing in the "P" bed are blue salvia (blooming now), jacob's ladder, some iris, bee balm, shasta daisies, citronella, and couple other things that I've forgotten names too. 

  The bed next to the garage is looking good.

  This is the dogwood out front - our second go at getting one to live in that spot - and he seems to be happy.

  Part of the bed around front. 

  I added geraniums this year for some color out front.  My "Peace" Rose is again growing great and will be blooming shortly. 

  A shot of the hanging baskets, the blooming iris, one of my daylilies that's started blooming.

  The hanging baskets are lantana.

  Iris and Daylilies.

  More of the front bed.

  The maple tree that came up volunteer in the front flower bed.  We'll have to move him soon!  It's already 2 feet tall!!!!

  A nice shot of the blooming daylily.