***  August 14, 2000 ***

updated 7pm


Well, just a little bit done today.  They poured the floor and ceiling in the Storm Shelter and formed up the edge of the garage.  That will probably get poured tomorrow.

Here's the forms for the garage and you can see supports for the ceiling in the Storm Shelter.

BTW, we saw a special last night on tornados on TLC - we are very glad to be able to add this storm shelter.  Hope we never have to use it.

A pic showing the row of concrete blocks that the knocked off to lower the garage floor a bit.

We lucked up and the concrete was still wet so Ann found a rod to write our initials and the year right inside the door of the shelter. 

a view of the ceiling supports.

a view of the top of the shelter with it's poured concrete ceiling.  it's got a mesh of rebar in there as well.  and hopefully they remembered to pour the concrete mix down thru the blocks that make up the sides. 

a view of the flat window in the hall bath (the room isn't blue, by the way) :-)


that's it for today, tomorrow we'll write our names on the garage floor!