***  September 9, 2000 ***

updated 7pm (9/12/00)

We have a guest photographer today!  Liz and Emily dropped by the house and shot some of the sights for us... THANKS!

0909a.jpg (39737 bytes)

Here's Emily in the entryway from the garage.

0909b.jpg (37308 bytes)

The arrival of the garage 'walk thru' door and the back patio door (seen behind it)

0909c.jpg (34756 bytes)

A much better shot of the front door (still not stained yet)

0909d.jpg (36530 bytes)

The framers have removed much of the 'catwalks' and now have the windows in place that were left out earlier...

0909e.jpg (43107 bytes)

They put up the scaffolds out front to work on the final bits here.

0909f.jpg (32125 bytes)

And a front shot of the house...

Hopefully the roofers have been there this week...  :-)