***  September 19, 2000 ***

updated 7pm

Well, the roofers were back and have all but finished.  Just a little bit to go on the edges where the roof turns on a couple sides.  A little more HVAC work and the electrician was back to do some final bits.

Got the second quote on the flooring and we are mucho pleased.  :-)  Trying to decide which carpet now. 

Evidence that the HVAC guy was here is indicated by the dryer vent now in the floor in the laundry room.

The electrician FINALLY found a spot or two to drill thru in the storm shelter for a light and a plug.  You can see the one hole where light is shining thru just to the left of the center stud.

The gas valve is now over by the entrance to the crawl space.

More roofing done today... it's looking good.  This side is finished.

Another look at the full side that got finished today.

The back edge of the garage and about half of the front edge need to be finished.... looks like they may have run out of shingles.

No inspection has been done yet so we're still waiting for the "go-ahead"...