***  October 4, 2000 ***

updated 7:30pm


Well, we just love these guys... the only reason it looks like that the sheet rock wasn't finished was because the RAN OUT of full length boards.  Just a little bit to go and the hanging part of it will be done.  :-)

Rich and I also visited our favorite store and got the floor tile on hold for the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry. 

On to the pics.  :-)

From the street we can see that they worked in the garage.

Looking down the hall towards the office.  The laundry is off to the right here.

This is probably the biggest space left to sheet rock.  Not much as you can see.

The gas log fireplace and all the wire holes along the wall for the entertainment unit.

From the great room looking at the front door.

A view of the great room and breakfast nook... just a little sheet rock left to hang in there.

The foyer from the dining room.

The supply and wiring closet in the office.

Another view of the closet so you can see wires.

The laundry room... washer will be to the far left, dryer in the middle and laundry sink to the right.  Cabinets over them all.

Not saying a word.  :-( This pic and the lack of others speaks for itself.  Don't expect anything to happen on this front for awhile now as rain and cold weather will be here tomorrow night for the next few days.