***  October 5, 2000 ***

updated 8pm

Ann has a big smile on her face tonight.  We showed up at the house to find that the back side of the house was partially bricked!  WHOOHOOO!  :-)  I think it's looking good!  The sheet rock guys were still there working at 5:15pm so we didn't take too many pics inside. 

The view from the street.

The row of vertical bricks is called a "soldier course"...

Here's the patio starting to get bricked...

Under the breakfast window...

They used just a few bricks today... hehe.

Inside, more action!  They were taping and putting first coat of mud on the seams for the ceiling and a little down the walls

This ceiling is in the kitchen/breakfast.

The ceiling in the office.

A few more sheets of sheet rock so that they can finish up.

The ceiling in the great room...

A view from the doorway out to the patio of the bricking action out there.