***  October 6, 2000 ***

updated 7:15pm

Well, I just want to know one thing... why is it that we have beautiful weather to brick and they don't come and then we have crappy, rainy, drizzly weather and they show up??? They've pretty much finished the back - only have to do the 2 gables and then just a little bit over the patio door.   The sheet rock guys were back but we can't tell much of what they did.  Got a few more pics today of that since they weren't there and it was daylight.

The first back shot of the house with brick almost completed! :-)

This is the window in the office and hall across from the laundry.

What do you think?  We're happy.

The Patio.

Window outside the master bathroom

1006f.jpg (85867 bytes)

They've got the scaffolding setup for the side by the bedrooms.

This is the great room... don't think that the middle seam or the lower seam nearest the floors were done when we were there early last night.  So they either did that after we left or this morning.

Wall in the master bedroom...