***  October 7, 2000 ***

updated 10/8 5pm

The guys did come and sheet rock on Saturday 10/7.  Looks like they finished hanging the sheet rock that was left to do and put the tape and first coat of mud on the seams.  Looks good!  However, Ann ran out the apt this afternoon, anxious to get to the home show and totally forgot the camera so we have no pics of the new stuff.  Will get some tomorrow.


Home show report:  There is a home over in Clift's Cove that was truly unique (with a unique price tag too!). Kitchen was just plain awesome!  And, it also featured the whole house audio with speakers even out on the patio.  We got a feel for what our house is going to be like and so now, we're READY... as if we weren't before!  :-)  Also, saw lots of hardwoods and ceramic tile and even saw the Formica slate family in several of the houses (not the really nice one though - they had limestone counters $$$$).