***  October 10, 2000 ***

updated 7:30pm

Well, the pretty weather has returned and the brick guys are hard at work!  The sheet rock folks did some more mudding and taping and there was some inside clean up today. 

I also went and got the last round of tile for the fireplace and the kitchen backsplash ordered at lunch.  Check out the otherstuff page if you've missed those additions...

Look!  Brick on the garage side!  :-)

More brick where it meets up with the part already finished.

Mud tracks are wider on the walls and you can see the pile from the cleanup.

Oh, that's the kitchen looking into the dining room thru the door.

The master bedroom.

Some of the scaffolding came down so you can get a better idea of the brick.

Another view of the back... they still haven't done the gables.

A view of the bedroom side of the house that was finished today.

A good view of this corner and the quoins.

The other side of that corner - notice the keystones over the windows. :-)

A view of the bricking up to the front door.

And, they actually worked over on the other side of the front.


We're meeting the builder out there tomorrow night to go over trim details and other minor stuff. 

All in all, so far, we are very pleased.  :-)