***  October 17, 2000 ***

updated 7pm

So, there's not a lot of pics today either.  They were out digging holes in the yard while we were there so we tried not to get in the way.  But we picked up the mantle "book" and easily agreed on one we like.

1017a.jpg (114285 bytes)

This is where they moved some dirt over here by the driveway to help smooth the slope.

1017b.jpg (69263 bytes)

You can kind of see the dirt piles and the bulldozer off to the right of the pic.

mantel.jpg (45907 bytes)

NO, this is *not* our mantle... BUT it is the one that we like in the little book of mantles from the mantle guy.  Probably something very similiar to this will be in our house but with some marble tiles in between the wood and the fireplace and then a row of tiles on the floor instead of bricks.  We'll see how close he comes when ours gets in.  :-)