***  October 20, 2000 ***

updated 10/21 4pm

Sorry for the delay in pics - I went to get my Mom to bring her down for a visit so pics didn't get uploaded last night.  But, we have a double dose today!

Friday was covering all the trenches dug and doing a final grade on the lot.  Today, the first part of the trim stuff showed up so that the Trim guy will have something to do on Monday.  Looks like window trim kits, the door from the kitchen to the garage, the attic stairs, and baseboard wood.  AND, the tile place called yesterday to inform us that the kitchen backsplash and the fireplace tiles had arrived.  Rich picked those up this morning.

A view of the backyard with the final grade...

This is where they dug out for the driveway... gravel may be brought in early next week to fill.

The front yard now minus the big pile of dirt.

The backyard shot.. the small pile of dirt below the glass block window is where the septic tank is.

Here's a sample of the gas fireplace tiles.

Baseboard trim in the great room waiting to be put up.

The attic stairs.

Window trim kits and the garage/kitchen door.

Another shot of the door and Rich.