***  October 23, 2000 ***

updated 7pm

The trim guy started!  YAH!  And, when we were there it was only one guy and he was just about done with ALL of the crown molding.  So, it was looking good on that front.  He won't be there tomorrow but will be back on Wednesday.  Outside, we saw some of the forms going up for parts of the sidewalks.

The sidewalk on the Haddington side.

The sidewalk on the front side.

Crown molding in the breakfast nook.

Breakfast/kitchen crown molding.

The 2-piece crown in the great room.

A better shot of the great room crown molding.

This is in the master bath above the whirlpool. Oh, and there is crown molding in our his/hers closets too!

In the hall bathroom.

In the office.

In the hall outside the laundry going to the office.

And another view of the kitchen.