***  November 4, 2000 ***

updated 4pm

Well, first, it's been raining here all day! YAH!  One of the nice slow rains which is good since they did a partial grade on the lot yesterday... didn't need our dirt in the street.  hehe..

Secondly, we went out to the house but the painters were there so we didn't take pics today.  We got the tile moved into the Storm Shelter instead of sitting right up front in the garage.  And, the nice painter guy told us that, yes, in fact, the cabinets are in that van sitting out back!  YIPEE!  :-)  They were out trying to finish up the areas that the cabinets will be going so that they won't get paint on the cabinets.

I'll try to go out tomorrow and take some pics in the daylight hours.  We're also going to go get grout tomorrow for the zillions of tiles we've got!  Lots of fun!

So, check back tomorrow afternoon for some pics...