***  November 7, 2000 ***

updated 7:20pm


That's about all I said for a little bit.  The house really took a turn today towards our final vision.  Rich had gone out at noon to help the trim guys locate the last set of speakers in the ceiling (don't ask) and called in to tell me that in fact the cabinets were being moved into the house and that the dining room was turning red and that the brick guys were working on the front steps.  So, immediately after work, I headed out with camera in tow. 

So, we'll start in the master bath.  The towel cabinet got in place.  :-)

 A look at one side.  The front face flips out.  :-)

Another look at the master vanity cabinet.  BTW, the cabinets are maple.  Very light.

They also unpacked the jacuzzi tub and are going to be building the frame for it tomorrow.

That's the cabinet in the hall bath.

The ceiling got cut today for the speakers!  :-)

They also painted the closets!

And, the mantle arrived.  It's maple to match the cabinets.  :-)

On to the dining room... RED!  :-)  There's still a couple more coats of it to go on the walls.

And THIS, is just beautiful... The corner of the kitchen.  :-)

A wide shot from the breakfast area.  Note my eat-in bar.  :-)

The wall with the desk, microwave and refrigerator.  :-)

Another look back at the kitchen - you can see the glass doors that will be on either side of the stove.

More counter tops awaiting placement.  The purple goes in the hall bath, the blue on the bottom into the master and the other 2 ( another purple and another slate) are extras for some reason.  The slate for the powder room is sitting in the laundry room.

A look at the flip-out thing by the sink... all of the cabinets have these.  :-)

A look at the cool stand up cookie sheet cabinet slot... so now we'll have a spot for all the pampered chef stoneware things and muffin pans!  :-)

And, a look at my deep and wide drawers for pots and lids.  :-)

Oh, and here's the front steps... :-)

All in all an excellent day... and the smiley faces don't do my expression justice.  I think Rich is relieved too now that he's seen that the tile and the countertops and the cabinets are going to look good together.