***  November 14, 2000 ***

updated 6:30pm

  Okay, got the pics from yesterday and today not that a lot was done.  We didn't do any speakers today since Rich has class tonight BUT they did work on moving dirt outside today.  Yah!  We also heard from the builder and the tile guy and the electrician will be in on Thursday now instead of tomorrow.  And, we are expecting to see lights being delivered very shortly (maybe tomorrow???)...

The columns are now sitting in the garage floor.

The FIRST speaker after it got installed Monday night.  We hope they work!  :-)  The speaker installation should go much faster tomorrow night now that Rich has located his power screwdriver.

These are the 2 speakers in the breakfast area.


These are today's pics - the bobcat is still sitting in the front yard so we should see some more work tomorrow.

A look off the driveway towards the backyard.

And, a shot of the 2 in the master bath.