***  November 29, 2000 ***

updated 6:40pm

   Yahoo!  Yet another good progress day!  The plumber was back, the hardwood folks were back and at sometime the roofer showed up.  :-)

The hot water tap got installed!

The wood floor in the office got installed!  Rich loves it!  He better since he picked this color in 2 different stores.

One of the corners in the office for a closer look at the floor.

The HVAC guy was back and got the return done for the laundry room.

The part that's in the laundry... there'll be a folding table over this so it won't be very noticeable.

They used all of the wood that was in house so hopefully more will come tomorrow... 1/3 of the great room and the hallway outside the bedrooms remains to be done.

A closeup look at where the wood meets the marble.

The thermostat got installed.

A closeup look at the plugs in the middle of the great room floor.

This is a pic of the bit of roof that was left to be done... there appears to be shingles up there and there were scrap pieces on the back patio... :-)

We noticed that they'd done a little well 'cause they goofed and cut the entrance before they built up the dirt around the house.  At least they made it look nice.  :-)

The other little piece of roof work... look close and you can see shingles... :-)

The list of things remaining to be done is growing smaller... yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!