December 5, 2000

updated 10pm

A good day!  The tile guy showed back up and worked on the kitchen backsplash.  The carpet people worked on getting the pad in place so we'll see actual carpet tomorrow.  :-)  AND, there are stacks of sod all around the yard.  Yippee! 


The backsplash between the desk (left) and refrig (right)

Backsplash behind the desk

Backsplash on the back wall with appliance garage to the right and pantry to the left

A view of the backsplash over the stove...

To the right of the stove and by the sink...

Oh, and they got the boxes built around the 2 air returns.

Carpet pad in the master bedroom...

Carpet pad in the second bedroom..

The box around the air return in the hall bath.

And a pic of the sod!  YAH!!!!  :-)