***  December 11, 2000 ***

updated 7:15pm

4 working days left on the house.  And, there was evidence that work was done so that was good.  Quite a few little things and a couple big ones.

The biggest was the installation of the stove and the vent hood!  It's definitely the GE that I wanted.  YAH! :-)

The plumber had put the finish boxes around both the icemaker connection and the laundry connections.

The vents for the HVAC system were installed.  Good - we won't lose the kitty down the vent now!  ;-)

The painters painted inside today, including the quarter rounds and the air return boxes.  Go figure why they felt the need to work inside on this 60 degree day when it'll be 32 degrees tomorrow with sleet, freezing rain, and snow flurries the next couple days.  Oh well, they have to do it - not me. :-)

The vent in the office.

A look at the cable splitter in the wiring closet.  That's what Rich worked on yesterday.

These are the plugs in the middle of the great room floor.

Rich is admiring the face plate that the electrician FINALLY put on in the hall bath.

And, another good surprise - a plug here on the edge of the counter.  I was hoping one would be there but hadn't seen evidence that one would be there.

The plumber had been back and reconnected the jacuzzi faucet so he got that fixed we hope.  The wrong dishwasher was also out of there (yah!).

On the downside, the dishwasher was a little bit apart for whatever reason and the electrician STILL didn't do the plug for the microwave. 

SO, based on those signs we're thinking that the inspection didn't happen and if it did, we failed that one.