***  December 12, 2000 ***

updated 6:30pm

Well, there are no pics today... #1 it was too cold to take them and #2 there wasn't much that really changed.  :-)

The big news of the day is that we passed the occupancy inspection!  Whoohoo!  Well, we actually failed the first one but that's okay cause the guys were there to fix the stuff today so we passed when he came back this afternoon.  This means that we COULD have power as early as tomorrow (provided we don't have an ice storm) but it might be Thursday.  

The refrigerator is *supposed* to come tomorrow... but then again it's coming from the place that messed up our first round of appliances so I'm not holding my breath that it'll be there or that it'll be the right one until I see it. 

The telephone is also *supposed* to be hooked up tomorrow. 

Rich is off the rest of this week and will be having his first of several walk thrus with our builder in the morning along with hanging out working on some more of the phone/cable/volume controls.  The good news for him is that the painters brought this BIG heater (think jet engine!) so the house is actually a comfortable 65 degrees.  They've left it there tonight to help keep the house a steady temp and hopefully keep pipes from freezing too.  At least the water is back off so it won't flood if they were to freeze.

Off to eat dinner and back to packing...