***  December 15, 2000 ***

updated 9:30pm

WHEW!  What a day!  Closing went fine, the punch list got more items knocked off and we started taking a few things out to the new house.  Yipeee!!!

First item of business tonight for me and my mom-in-law:  put up the Christmas tree!  The pic is a little blurry but you get the idea.  :-)

While we did that, Rich and his dad put up 6 blinds!  Go guys!  :-)

The kitchen BEFORE the rest of the stuff arrives.

Our housewarming present - the sofa table for our furniture!  :-)

One of the boxes from storage had my mantle stuff in it too so I got it decorated.

The bathroom looks lived in now.  :-)

More blinds in the great room!  :-)

Tomorrow is moving day!  Yippeeeeeee! Off to go pack.  Forecast for tomorrow:  high of 67, rain and storms ending tomorrow night as SNOW.  Yes, really.