***  December 21, 2000 ***

updated 1pm

Whew!  WHAT A WEEK!!!  The short version is we got moved.  :-)

The long version begins with rain and storms Friday night... they left briefly Saturday morning long enough to get a few things moved.  THEN, the fun began.  Thunderstorms and tornado warning in the county just east of us from noon on.  The guys managed to get most of the apartment emptied and the storage place cleared out in between "toad floaters".  I think we won the award for the most eventful move.  ;-)  However, I didn't get a chance to pack any food from the apt and the guys didn't think to pack it.  Well, we went out to eat with some friends and didn't get home until 9ish so we were exhausted and went straight to bed.... only to wake up to ice and snow the next morning!  Yes, really.  I wouldn't joke about that.  So, the only food in the house was a couple brownies from one of Rich's aunts and some cookies from one of our neighbors.  We got dressed and headed out to the cars, which are parked in the driveway (remember the steep slope?).  Rich decided to try his hand at driveway surfing.  Luckily, he wasn't hurt.  At that point, I decided that I wasn't going to drive.  The trip to the apt to get food was uneventful and then we also made a stop at walmart to get more food so we could get stranded and not starve.

1217a.jpg (149337 bytes)

Here's some of the snow we saw Sunday. 

1217b.jpg (79678 bytes)

Our Christmas tree with a few more ornaments and the link chain that the girls made for us.  :-)

The next few days were spent unpacking, running errands, and having other minor things done on the house.  Also included was another sleet/snow event Monday afternoon/night.  Luckily, we had both cars in the garage by then.

Here's part of the kitchen somewhat in order.

The other part is mostly in order too.

:-) We're going to get some more barstools soon too but these work well in the meantime.

The living room is livable and we even hung a couple things up in here.

I found a suction cup to hold the wreath on the door - still haven't found the wreath hangers in the boxes.

Another view of the living room.

The hall bath where we've been taking showers since the door to the master bath was still missing.

The master bedroom.  Note, that's Shelby the cat over in her perch near the window.

Shelby's chilling.

This is another thing we hung up - a present from last Christmas!  :-)

The shower door got installed Wednesday night about 5pm.  Yippeee!

Wednesday morning I woke up to find no water in the house.  It had gotten down to about 8 degrees and the outside supply valve wasn't insulated properly and froze up.  We had NO water anywhere in the house so I packed a bag to go BACK to the apt to wash my face and hair since I was due back at work.  Rich called our builder who came out with the plumber and they got it unthawed. 

This morning we woke up to yet another round of sleet and snow.  This one was a little worse so both Rich and I are working from home today.

Anyway, we're getting used to the new house and are really going to enjoy it!  I'll try to do another update around New Year's with some more pics of the other rooms once we did out from the boxes in there.

Merry Christmas!!!