Our Appliance Trials and Tribulations!


You would think that picking appliances and getting them to your new house is an easy feat.  Excuse me while I lay down on the floor and laugh... hahahahahaha...

Okay, I'm calm now.  Our story begins a month into the house building process.  Rich and I headed to Appliance Store #1 (AS1) during labor day weekend and got a really good deal on a top of the line GE dishwasher and the GE stove that we wanted.  We were told that they'd go on and order them and have them in the warehouse to await the call from our builder that they needed them.  So, we left the store that day fairly confident that at least one thing would go well.  AND, we were SOOOOO wrong.

Flash forward to Dec.... less than 2 weeks now to closing.  

Rich gets a call from a guy at AS1 wanting to know if we still had the recipt of what appliances we'd picked out.  It seems that the guy who took our order no longer works there AND that they have NO IDEA where the paperwork is on what we'd ordered.  Oh, and our builder was wanting the stuff to be delivered the next day.  So, paper packrats that we are Rich got his hands on the receipt and faxed it over.  Well, it turns out that yes, the dishwasher was there but that they'd have to order the stove and it would be Friday maybe Monday before it would come in.  hmmmm....

Thursday comes and the dishwasher is delivered.  It was black.  We were happy.  No stove though as our builder assured us he'd told them to get it there that day.  Maybe it'll be here on Friday... we hope.


Rich gets to thinking that the model number on the dishwasher box didn't sound right and double checks.  It's the WRONG model.  We ordered the super duper deluxe one and this is the middle one.  Argh. :-(  So, now, AS1 has messed up both.  And, they are now telling us that they can't get the stove until the end of the month.  And, no other place in town has it.  

"Don't you want this Frigidaire?  It's the same thing and made by the same GE folks..." And this was after he wasn't really wanting to give us the better dishwasher at the sale price we got when we came in during the labor day sale. 

Uh no.  I picked a GE 3 months ago and you need to get me a GE.

And, this is why we pay our builder the big bucks.  He found both the GE dishwasher and stove at one of his places over in Decatur and they'll be in the house Saturday morning.  And, AS1 can come get the wrong dishwasher and then I won't ever go back there again.

We just hope they don't mess with the refrigerator as that's where we ordered it from but it wasn't on the same order since we're doing it ourselves and just got it ordered a couple weeks ago.

sigh.  Can someone send over some blood pressure medicine for both Rich and me??? ;-)

    stay tuned!