The Painting of the Master Bedroom!

Updated:  January 27, 2002 1:30pm

Well, when we get started, we really go!  We ended up at Home Depot this afternoon after deciding on a dusty lavender color and Rich got 2 walls of the bedroom painted tonight!  :-)  Go RICH!  And the king size mattresses arrived this afternoon.  Very comfy!

Click on pics below to get a bigger version.  Sorry for the mess in the bedroom!  We're still sleeping in the spare until we get the room painted. 

The paint color is Behr's "Melodrama" - gotta love the names they come up with for paint!  hehe.

Day 1:

mbroom01.jpg (76657 bytes)

mbroom02.jpg (80371 bytes)


Day 2 (midday pics):

mbroom03.jpg (81744 bytes)

We're still working on it but just wanted to take some pics during daylight now that we had the blue masking tape off the trim.  Looks good we think!

mbroom04.jpg (87140 bytes)  <----- This pic really shows the true color - I just walked back in there and verified it but the color is more rosy and warm lavender than the other pics which show a blue lavender.   

I'll try to get some pics up later tonight of the whole thing with sheets and comforter (maybe about 8pm?) so check back to see the progress!

Day 2 (final pics):

Well, we've got the room put back together!  Check it out!

mbroom05.jpg (95465 bytes)


mbroom_bef.jpg (56553 bytes)    <----- Here's a "before" shot from when we first moved into the house to remind you how DIFFERENT this is.  :-)

Also, Rich got around to putting up one of my Christmas presents today - an undercabinet light in the kitchen in the one spot that didn't get one.  It looks good too!

klight01.jpg (136126 bytes)      klight02.jpg (138263 bytes)

It's a close match to the other ones.