Painting the Office

February 21, 2003       updated May 4, 2003

Behr "Chesapeake"


office01.jpg (53300 bytes)   Above the wiring closet.

office02.jpg (85135 bytes)  Above the door to the room.

office03.jpg (98020 bytes)  The corner by the closet


February 22, 2003

Here's the FUN part - shutting down both computers and unhooking it ALL and moving the desks out from the wall!  We discovered that we really didn't need to take my desk apart so we just pulled it towards the center of the room... it's really fun trying to get to something that's in the middle right now!  HA!

office00a.jpg (104127 bytes)  A last look at the old color by Rich's desk.

office00b.jpg (114884 bytes)  And my desk...yeah, that's my prized BSB BK framed poster there...   :-)

office04.jpg (58235 bytes)  The wiring closet now that the tape is off this morning!

office05.jpg (71018 bytes) Shelby was supervising the whole process. 

office06.jpg (80191 bytes)  Coat 1 is now on and drying.  All our desks are covered with sheets and pushed to the middle of the room.

office07.jpg (70933 bytes)  The corner where my desk goes.

Coat 2 will go on in a bit and then MAYBE we can pull the tape off before bed but it'll be tomorrow before we get everything back together.

February 23, 2003

  Rich's desk area and note that Shelby is happily back on the foot of my recliner.

  Towards the hall.

  And my desk. 

We're gonna hang curtains as soon as we can find some we agree on.  :-)


February 26, 2003

The curtains are all hung up AND the frames for the albums came today!!!

office11.jpg (140129 bytes)  The curtains we found at Linens N Things.  They're kinda a heavy satin, kimono feel to the fabric with flowers embroidered on them and they change color depending on which way you're looking at 'em.  Pretty cool. 

office12.jpg (142134 bytes)

office13.jpg (88779 bytes)  Being that I grew up in the 70s and 80s, I had a bunch of old albums so Rich and I decided to do 'album art" but not like Hildi did on Trading Spaces.  This is much easier other than Rich is now having to locate AC/DC vinyl or decide on something out of my collection.  He picked Def Leppard to add to his 4 spots on the wall. 

office14.jpg (88816 bytes)  These are my 4 choices.  The frames came from Restoration Hardware and are the perfect size for framing old LPs!

May 4, 2003

I was adding the link to the main house page and realized that I had never added final pics of the albums.  We ended getting more frames and we each have 8 albums now in a group instead of the 4 we started with so here are the last 2 pics of how the album art looks now.

office15.jpg (93687 bytes) Rich's wall - AC/DC, KISS, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, and Led Zepplin.

office16.jpg (95378 bytes) Ann's wall - Chic, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, Boston, Scritti Politti, Bryan Admas, Foreigner, and The Outfield.