"Rock 'N' Roll Damnation"

Written By: Young/Young/Scott

They say that you play too loud
Well baby that's tough
They say that you got too much
Can't get enough
They tell you that you look a fool
And baby I'm a fool for you
Say that your mind's diseased
Shaky stuff

And it's a rock 'n' roll damnation
Ma's own whippin' boy
Rock 'n' roll damnation
Take a chance while you still got the choice

You say that you want respect
Honey for what?
For everything that you done for me
Well thanks a lot
C'mon, get up off your bended knees
You can set your mind at ease
My temperature's runnin' hot
Oh I been waitin' all night
For a bite of what you got


Oh it's a hard life

(Damnation), they're putting you down
(Damnation), all over town
(Damnation), cause you're way outta reach
Livin' on the streets you gotta practice what you preach


(Damnation), you left a happy home
(Damnation), to live on your own
(Damnation), you wanna live in sin
(Damnation), it's a rock 'n' roll
(Damnation), just a bundle of joy
(Damnation), you're a toy for a boy
(Damnation), you got the dollars in your eyes
(Damnation), always chasin' that pie in the sky
(Damnation), Rock 'n' roll

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