Note: This page is dedicated to issues and techniques for administering UNIX machines. Most of my experience centers around HPUX, and so a good portion of the material found here will be HP specific.

HPUX 11.31 Upgrade Note: If you are upgrading to HPUX 11.31 and use EMC Storage, you will need to set SPC2 flag to get things to work correctly (this can be done before upgrade if you are currently at HPUX 11.23). This can be done with a "bin" file change on the director level, or on an HBA basis with "symmask". To turn on flag for a specific HBA:

# symmask -sid [serial of DMX] -wwn [WWN of HBA] set hba_flags on spc2 -enable -dir [director num] -port [port num] -v