***  December 8, 2000 ***

updated 6:30pm


  Bet you thought I was joking when I only had shutters listed for today's keywords... I wish I was.  That was it for things that got done at the house today.  Shutters.  And, they haven't been painted either.  That's supposed to happen Monday with a whole host of other things, including our occupancy inspection that we have to pass to be able to turn the power on at the house. 

But, even though that's the only thing that happened physically at the house, check out the appliance story for what Rich and I dealt with today. 

Here's the one pic I took tonight of the shutters.  I won't even make it a thumbnail since it's the only one.  The shutters are grey now but should be painted medium to dark green on Monday when the painters return.  I'll try to get a full shot of the house tomorrow and get a pic up then.  Rich is going to be working out there on volume controls and his wiring closet.  AND, hopefully, the next set of appliances (see story) will be arriving as well.  :-)