Month 4

October 30 thru November 26


*** Week 17 ***

November 26 Updated!  More tile work!

November 24 no pics

November 23 (Thanksgiving - no pics)

November 22 LOTS of work - tile, sinks, toilets, lights, plugs.

November 21 No pics... another yard grade... is anyone ever coming back to finish this house??? ;-) 

November 20 more lights, network/phone/cable plugs ( the link is right now! sorry!  don't let Ann code when she's sick!)

*** Week 16 ***

November 18 & 19  volume control, new front pic up with columns

November 17 lights, tile!!!  pics are up now.... 

November 16 switches, backer board, doorknobs

November 15 columns are up, final speakers installed, plugs part 1

November 14 pics from yesterday of the speakers, and dirt moving today

November 13 start the speakers (no pics)

November 12 locking the house, speakers, misc pics

*** Week 15 ***

November 11 garage doors, dining room

November 10 storm shelter door, wiring closet panel

November 9 final cabinet pics, vents

November 8 more cabinets

November 7 page is up! dining room painting and kitchen cabinets!!! 

November 6 more painting, garage doors

*** Week 14 ***

November 5 pics from the past week

November 4 more painting, no pics yet...

November 3 more inside painting, tile arrives from Lowe's

November 2 more painting

November 1 trim painting started

October 31 caulking, more pics from yesterday

October 30 trim work finished mostly, front door stained