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Last updated:  May 4, 2003  3pm

countdown to move in (target date 12/16/00):   

We're IN!  YAH!  2 years and counting now!

 I've added the floor plan (added 10/15)

Check out the evolution of the house so far (added 10/12)

Items we've picked for the house have been gathered together on one page now (including the door, brick, roof, faucets)

check them out on the OTHER STUFF page (updated 10/7, new tile pics)

Click on the links below to see what happened on that day...

When you get to the days that have thumbnails, click on the image to see a bigger picture and then use your browser's BACK button to return to the day page.

We will try to continue to update the pages here a little as we get the house cleaned up.  We survived the move - for more on the story check on the link below for Dec 16.  It has been an experience!  ;-)  


** The "Now that we're in" updates **


May 4  Outside flower shots

February 26 Painting of the Office updated May 4, 2003

January 4  The update of all the stuff we did in 2002!  Master bedroom, bathrooms and more!



January 26   We start painting the master bedroom!  



October 14 Painting, curtains, trees, and a flag!

May 28 More painting!  Check out the new look for the master bathroom.  

May 14 oops.  Got busy with the new job and didn't get the landscaping updated but here it is with the new daylily dogwood bed pics!

May 3 Ann paints the Guest Bedroom (tomorrow I will update with landscaping pics)

April 8  Guess what we did today?  ;-) Yep, day 3.  

April 7  Same song, day 2: More rock wall, more plants...

April 6  More rock wall, PLANTS!  :-)  

March 31  Start work on front beds with block, patio stuff  

March 18  Castle wall on bed #1, grass, front porch 

March 4  Not much other than the beginnings of grass, wall hanging

January 6  Yah!  I got it updated!  It was late cause Rich was working on speakers and then I wanted to get a pic of the new shrubs.


*** Week 20 ***

December 16 <moving day>  page updated on Dec 21!

December 15 closed on house, Christmas tree, blinds, move some stuff

December 14 closet stuff, clean bathrooms

December 13 POWER!  PHONE!  lots of stuff!!!  :-)

December 12 inspection and other news...

December 11 stove, vent hood, vents, some painting, more electrical

*** Week 19 ***

December 9 Rich works on wiring, more plumbing, the appliances REALLY arrive

December 8 shutters 

December 7 dishwasher, vent hood arrive and the Jacuzzi front finished

December 6 carpet, grout, and more SOD!

December 5 carpet pads, kitchen backsplash, and SOD!

December 4 gutters, laundry table, quarter round molding

*** Week 18 ***

December 2 outside pics, no work

December 1 wrought iron, grass seed, final hardwood

November 30 landscaping started, Jacuzzi seated, more painting...

November 29 Another good day!  more plumbing, wood floors, outside work

November 28 JOYFUL!  More floors, sink work, HVAC!

November 27 sinks, Jacuzzi backsplash

Check out the archives:

Month 4 covers  October 30 thru November 26, 2000

Month 3 covers October 2 thru October 27, 2000

Month 2 covers September 3, 2000 thru October 1, 2000 

Month 1  covers July 31, 2000 thru September 2, 2000   breaking ground thru wiring

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